Chaos Hecate-class Heavy Cruiser

The Hecate-class Heavy Cruiser is a potent warship that has been modified to serve as an Attack Craft carrier for theForces of Chaos. Whilst the Styx-class Heavy Cruiser remains the mainstay Cruiser of most Chaos warfleets, any Chaos fleet that requires a front-line Attack Craft carrier where the use of Battleships is impractical wants to make use of the Hecate-class Heavy Cruiser.

The Hecate-class is steadily becoming more and more common amongst Chaos raiders. It has been surmised by Imperial Navy tacticians that a need was seen by many Chaos Warmasters for a carrier that was capable of defending itself against a modest fleet without the need for supporting Escort vessels. In this role, the Hecate has proved itself a dangerous foe for any Imperial patrol and is often seen undertaking minor missions by itself.

Though its Attack Craft capability has been reduced compared to the more heavyweight carriers like the Styx and Emperor-class Battleship, it carriers enough additional weaponry to earn the respect of any Imperial Cruiser's captain and it can readily see off almost any type of Escort squadron on its own.


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