Destroyer of the Palladius 46th Armoured Regiment

A Destroyer Tank Hunter of the Palladius 46th Armoured Regiment outfitted with a Heavy Laser Destroyer.

Destroyer Tank Hunter 0

Astra Militarum Destroyer Tank Hunter

The Heavy Laser Destoyer is an extremely powerful Imperial Laser Weapon that serves as the primary armament of the Destroyer Tank Hunter. It is more than capable of destroying most other armoured units in one hit. The main weapon is off-set to the left side of the vehicle giving it increased stability and making the overall size of the tank smaller and harder to target. This also allows both the tank's commander and gunner to use the weapon sights.

However, due to the painstakingly complex task of building each weapon by hand and the very few Forge Worlds that remain still capable of manufacturing them, there are fewer and fewer of these tanks deployed across the Imperium. The Astra Militarum units that have any of these tanks in their possession guard them jealously and take great care to ensure they are always patched and repaired after every conflict they participate in.

If one is lost during battle it is a priority to salvage the remains, for while the main gun is nearly irreplaceable, the hull can be easily repaired and refitted with other weapons. For instance, the Thunderer Siege Tank is just a Destroyer Tank Hunter hull with the Heavy Laser Destroyer removed and replaced with a Demolisher Cannon.


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