Supreme Grand Master Azrael wielding the Sword of Secrets

The Heavenfall Blades are a quadrumvirate of legendary Power Swords wielded by the highest-ranking members of the Inner Circle of the Dark Angels Space Marine Chapter. According to Chapter lore, the Heavenfall Blades were cut from a single block of obsidian that formed the core of a meteorite that struck The Rock, the Chapter's mobile fortress-monastery, in orbit around the Feral World of Al Baradad, shortly after the fall of Caliban. Each of these blades are carried by a Master of the Chapter and is as potent a symbol of their rank as it is deadly. The blades wielded by the Grand Master of the Deathwing, the Grand Master of the Ravenwing and the Master of the Dark Angels' 5th Company also utilises small amounts of the obsidian taken from the meteorite in their working. It is also said that a small portion of this meteoric substance was dispatched to each of the Dark Angels' Successor Chapters, so that the senior members of the Unforgiven's own Inner Circles would also bear the same heritage forged in steel as those borne by the Masters of the Dark Angels.

Known Heavenfall Blades

  • Sword of Secrets - The Sword of Secrets is the mightiest of the Heavenfall Blades, and is wielded by Azrael, the current Supreme Grand Master of the Dark Angels. Its blade is so incredibly well-crafted that it has not chipped nor lost its razor-sharp edge over its many millennia of bloody use. Only the Supreme Grand Master knows that it is also the only device that allows access to the deepest known dungeon in The Rock. Fitting the blade into a cleft in the wall unlocks the iron gate leading to a dark tunnel and the rune-protected cell in which the Arch-Heretic Luther is imprisoned.
  • Sword of Silence - The Sword of Silence is currently wielded by Belial, the current Grand Master of the Deathwing (1st) Company. The sword seems to swallow nearby light and sound, absorbing them into its glowing obsidian blade.
  • Raven Sword - The Raven Sword is currently wielded by Sammael, the current Grand Master of Ravenwing (2nd Company). The Raven sword is unique among the Heavenfall Blades in that it emits a low keening sound, which few have heard and lived to tell of.
  • Fellbane - The Fellbane is currently wielded by Balthasar, Master of the Dark Angels' 5th Company.


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