Heart of the Conqueror is the fifteenth short story published in the Horus Heresy that was not originally part of an anthology novel. Heart of the Conqueror was originally released as part of the programme for the Black Library Horus Heresy Weekender on May 17, 2014. It is also now included in the Legacies of Betrayal anthology novel, and is avalible as an audiobook (MP3).


The Navigator Nisha Andrasta has served the XII Legion for over a standard century. She saw the War Hounds reunited with their progenitor, Lord Angron. She witnessed the rebirth of the Legion as the World Eaters. She looked on in confusion and horror as the Primarch joined Horus' rebellion, and now she has seen him betrayed by Lorgar Aurelian, becoming the maddened monster he was always destined to be. Now, as the character of the XII changes along with their father, what course of action yet remains to this loyal daughter of Terra?


  • Heart of the Conqueror (Short Story) by Aaron Dembski-Bowden
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