Haruspex in action

A Haruspex consuming an Ultramarine

The Haruspex is a ferocious Tyranid beast created by the Hive Mind to consume biomass at a sickening pace in the later stages of a planetary invasion by the Hive Fleets. It is possessed of a rapacious appetite, driven by the need to sate an infinite hunger.

Few foes are foolish enough to stand before a feeding Haruspex, for it can devour an entire platoon of soldiers in a matter of moments, shovelling victim after victim into its three-jawed craw without ever slowing down, while also taking on vehicles and even fortifications without slowing down. Any morsel that proves too large to be swallowed in one gulp is seized with the Haruspex's gargantuan claws and ripped, crushed or battered apart with negligent ease.

Buildings are smashed open, battle tanks torn asunder and the unfortunate prey sheltering inside hungrily devoured. A series of large, chimney-like spines on the back of the creature help to vent the excessive metabolic heat released as it so rapidly devours its foes. Only those that turn and flee have any hope of survival, and only then if they can avoid the Haruspex's grasping tongue as it lashes out to grab hold of its prey and drag it, kicking and screaming, into its vast maw.


  • Acid Blood - The blood spilt from certain Haruspex is so corrosive that it can eat through ceramite armour and dissolve flesh in mere moments.
  • Crushing Claws - The obscene strength of these claws allows Haruspex to smash any foe.
  • Grasping Tongue - A Haruspex's clawed tongue grasps its chosen prey before yanking it bodily into its maw.


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