A Harp of Dissonance is a strange, alchemical Necron weapon utilised only by Cryptek Geomancers. A Harp of Dissonance is an irregularly shaped metallic casket laced with numerous electrum strings of different materials, each perfectly calibrated to a precise level of tension. A correctly played booming note, when amplified and focused through the arcane technology housed within the harp, can burst the molecular bonds of nearly any material. Many an enemy has underestimated the power of an innocent-looking Harp of Dissonance, most often fatally -- for a single booming note from its electrum strings can transmute adamantium plate to a brittle glass. Unlike many other Cryptek weapons, a Harp of Dissonance has almost limitless range, and its effects are similar to the entropic bites of Canoptek Scarabs. Any armour affected by a Harp of Dissonance’s energies will also lose its environmental seal, exposing a vehicle's or suit of powered armour's occupants to whatever toxic hazards may exist in the ambient atmosphere.


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