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A Harlequin's Kiss

A Harlequin's Kiss (called the brathu-angau in the Aeldari Lexicon, literally "kiss of doom"), also sometimes called a Sting, is one of the more horrifying close combat weapons employed by the Aeldari, and is used only by Harlequins.

Arguably the most iconic weapon that the masques carry to war, the Harlequin's Kiss is horrifically lethal. This weapon consists of a sharpened tube containing high-tensile monofilament wire, like those used in the Death Spinners, and is worn on the forearm. The Kiss is only effective in close combat. It contains a tightly-coiled retractable monofilament wire which is around 100 metres in length.

When activated, usually by a forward punching motion, the wire is violently released. Capable of piercing armour, if the wire penetrates its victim it instantly uncoils and lashes around violently, liquefying bones and internal organs, and causing immediate death in a spectacular and bloody fashion. The wire then retracts back into the Kiss for another use.


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