Haddrake Tor was the scene of a great battle between the Imperial Fists Space Marines and the Forces of Chaos. The battle for Haddrake Tor lasted for 3 standard years and involved both the 1st and 2nd Companies of the Imperial Fists. Tragedy occurred when Captain Darnath Lysander of the 2nd Company led a Drop Pod assault into the rugged terrain of the world's vast mountain ranges. Once the region was claimed for the Imperial Fists, Lysander set up Teleport Homer devices to allow the Terminators of the 1st Company under the command of Captain Kleitus to teleport further down the mountainside.

Unfortunately, the Heretics present on the planet had manipulated the Warp in such a fashion as to disrupt all attempts at teleportation. The 1st Company's Terminators began to materialise within the mountainside's bare rock or over deep precipices where they fell to their deaths. Captain Kleitus himself materialised within a portion of the rockface. Facing an agonising death, Kleitus handed his unique Power Hammer, the Fist of Dorn, to Lysander and then expired. Lysander went on to lead the Imperial Fists to victory at Haddrake Tor and was promoted as a result to serve as the new Captain of the 1st Company.


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