Gudrun is the former capital world of the Helican Sub-sector of the Scarus Sector in the Segmentum Obscurus and had been a home to humanity for 3,500 standard years. Gudrun is ruled by a feudal system of noble patronage including such powerful noble houses as the Glaws, the Pariti and the the Froigre.

Gudrun's influence extended even beyond its own star system into neighboring worlds. It is the recruiting ground for the Gudrunite Rifles Regiments of the Imperial Guard. The raising of a new regiment for the Guard is always a cause for a planet-wide celebration. Once the capital of the Helican Sector, in 241.M41 one of the preeminent noble houses on Gudrun -- House Glaw -- was found to be pervaded by a Chaos Cult. Once this came to be known to the Imperium at large, the noble house was destroyed.

The damage caused to the reputation and prestige of Gudrun led to the relocation of the Helican Sub-sector capital to the world of Thracian Primaris. Boasting a human culture for three and a half thousand years, feudally governed by powerful noble houses, such as the Glaws, Pariti and Froigre. After a successful Imperial Crusade launched against the Heretics of the world by Battlefleet Scarus, Gudrun lost the honour of being the capital world of the sub-sector to Thracian Prime. Before its corruption, Gudrun was a relatively idyllic world with stately manors controlling vast estates of rolling green hills studded with small villages. Its culture was not dissimilar to ancient ideas of "Merry Olde England." For a time it was the home and headquarters of the Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn.


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