An Ork Grot Bomm and its Gretchin pilot

A Grot Bomm is an Ork artillery weapon that is used by the Grot Bomm Launcha vehicle, or sometimes deployed from Fighta-Bommer aircraft or other ground vehicles. The Grot Bomm takes the form of a heavy ballistic rocket that combines a short-burning rocket motor with a heavy explosive warhead. Unlike more conventional guided missiles, the Grot Bomm is not guided to its target by sophisticated targetors or an artificial intelligence Machine Spirit, but instead by a very much alive Gretchin pilot. The tiny Orkoid pilots the rocket as if it were a small aircraft, cackling and screaming as they fly their way into an explosive oblivion. It is presumed by Ordo Xenos analysts that the Gretchin are simply misled about what will happen to them upon hitting their target and the effects of explosive detonation on small creatures by the Mekboyz in charge of launching the weapon, as the Orks seem to have no trouble in finding "volunteers" for this duty.

Grot Bomms are also used on several other Ork ground vehicles, such as the Mekboy Junka, which can carry up to two at a time, as well as the Battlefortress, Gunwagon, Looted Wagons of any type, and Gargantuan Squiggoths. All are capable of being armed with a Grot Bomm with its accompanying ramp and launching system.

Ordo Xenos Departmento Analyticus Technical Specifications

The Ordo Xenos has not released technical specifications for this weapon to the public as yet.

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