A group of Grot Blastas. Note that there is no standardisation among this type of weapon.

A Grot Blasta is the term given to any type of crude, ranged weapon used by Orkoid Gretchin to defend themselves on the rare occasions they actually enter combat. Grot Blastas are usually ramshackle, low-technology, dust-caked weapons that are little more than pieces of junk discarded by higher-ranking Orks.

Grot Blastas are usually old ballistic pistols and rifles that other Orks would have scrapped. The only real reason Gretchin take them is because they are (slightly) better then going into battle unarmed. There is, of course, no standardisation of Grot Blastas, as is the case with almost all Ork weapons. They come in all shapes and sizes. It is not uncommon for Grot Blastas to actually be looted Imperial Stub Guns, Autopistols or Laspistols.

Gretchin Blunderbuss


A Gretchin prepared to unleash the Gretchin Blunderbuss upon the foe.

Some Grot Blastas take the form of a flare-ended Blunderbuss or double-barrelled jezzails. Most often they fire shot composed of pebbles, balls, nuts, bolts or anything that can be rammed down the barrel.

In battle, the Gretchin "commander" will direct the volleys of fire at a target. This actually means simply unloading their weapons at the biggest enemy, or the one with the biggest weapon. Even with the poor aim of Gretchin, chances are the target will be hit if they are close enough for these short-ranged weapons, along with any in a small area around them. Whether they will actually be harmed is another story.


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