Greyshroud was an Imperial Hive World that suffered from a massive raid by the by the Dark Eldar's Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue in 944.M41 that succeeded in carrying off millions of men, women and children to serve the foul appetites of the denizens of Commorragh. This assault has been used by many Imperial savants as a classic example of how a Dark Eldar raid unfolds on Imperial territory in their never-ending search for more souls to assuage the pull of Slaanesh upon their shrunken souls.The planet was not known to maintain any Astra Militarum or other Imperial forces, and was defended solely by the Greyshroud Planetary Defence Forces and a visiting Imperial Navy warship of unknown class, the Hammer of Pride, at the time of the raid. Little else is known in Imperial records about this world.

Star System

Greyshroud was the third of five worlds circling the star named Solistice. From the outer edge of the system inwards to the primary, they were Hollowsong, Valin's World, Greyshroud, the Red Sentinel and Sorrowstone.


Greyshroud had four major continents, including Larnos, Morlos, Sarlon and Galmar. Its major hive cities included Galmoura Hive on Galmar, Soulvindus and Salarad Hives on Sarlon, Loverad and Livandius Hives on Larnos and Morlavia Hive on Morlos. While all of these hives were struck by the raiders of the Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue, their primary strike came against Morlavia Hive, from which they claimed millions of Imperial souls, including even the nobles of the uppermost hive spires, despite all their security precautions.


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