Grav-Inhibitor Drone

A Grav-Inhibitor Drone equipped with a Gravity Wave Projector

A Gravity Wave Projector is a T'au technology developed during the Third Sphere Expansion, and is only ever carried by Grav-Inhibitor Drones that have been deployed as part of Pathfinder reconnaissance teams. A Gravity Wave Projector is a defensive measure that can emit a powerful burst of high-powered gravitons in a wave that repulses nearby enemies, slowing their advance to a crawl or halting them in their tracks altogether.

Many of those affected are severely disorientated by the wave, experiencing vertigo and nausea, whilst others may even be physically hurled to the ground; their bodies unable to cope with the sudden and unpredictable change in gravity. This allows Pathfinder Teams to move out of the way of an enemy assault and take the time to react to the assault in the most efficient manner.


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