Elysian Drop Troops grav-chute

Elysian Drop Troops often make use of Grav-Chutes in their airborne operations

A Grav-Chute is a small, backpack-size anti-gravitic device that allows Imperial troops to float safely to the ground on a column of anti-gravitic force from any height in a world's gravity well, including sub-orbital heights. A Grav-Chute contains a generator that emits suspensor fields that can counter the force of gravity at the particle level and two small Promethium-fueled thrusters on each side of the pack that provide some directional control as well as contribute to the chute's aerobraking effect.

A Grav-Chute is used to drop Imperial troops directly into combat from either a low-flying aircraft or from a vehicle operating in a planet's upper thermosphere. If required, a Grav-Chute can allow an Imperial soldier to hover above his target for one minute at a time. In many ways, a Grav-Chute is a smaller and less capable version of a Jump Pack, but unlike that technology it is intended only to control a fall that is already in place rather than lifting a person's entire weight up some altitude into the air.

A Grav-Chute's solar battery power supply provides enough energy to operate the device for a standard hour before it needs to be replaced or recharged. Grav-Chutes are most often used by Imperial Guard Storm Troopers carrying out special forces infiltration operations and for the deep strike airborne raids initiated by the Elysian Drop Troop and Harakoni Warhawks regiments.


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