"Sticks 'n' stones'll break my bones but Mork'll kick yer teef in ya big bugger!" -Warlord Killboss facing off against an Imperial Warhound Titan.

Gork and Mork are the Gods of the Orks, the fathers of the WAAAGH! and all round thugz. Gork is Brutal but kunnin' and Mork is kunnin' but brutal, what more is there to say? Look at them wrong and they'll kick yer teef in. Whilst Gork smashes you over the head with his huge spiked club Mork will give you a staggering low blow, demonstrating the kunnin-ness and brutality of the Orkish Gods. Ork Stompas and Gargants are built in honour (and possibly in the likeness of) the two mighty Greenskin Gods.

The Ork Deities

The Ork race's collective unconsciousness registers in the Immaterium much as do the collective psyches of the Eldar and Mankind. In the Orks' case, their relatively simplistic psyches coalesce into two entities they worship as Gods called Gork and Mork, who are much like the Chaos Gods, the lost Eldar Gods or the Emperor of Mankind 's empowered soul within the Warp.


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