Ork Warlord Gorgutz 'Ead 'Unter in his cybernetic rig

Gorgutz 'Ead 'Unter is an Ork Warlord, originally a Warboss of the Evil Sunz Clan, who was involved in three major campaigns against the military forces of the Imperium of Man and most of the other major intelligent species of the galaxy during the final century of the 41st Millennium. WAAAGH! Gorgutz eventually included elements from the Ork clans known as the Head Crushaz, the Foot Stompaz, the Rokkit Rangaz, the Burna Boyz, the Kwikmeks and the Rok Clawz. Gorgutz first came to prominence during the battle for Lorn V, where he temporarily allied with (and then took the head of) Lord Crull, a World Eaters Traitor Legion Champion of Chaos who had contested the Orks and the Imperial Guard for control of a deactivated Imperator-class Emperor Titan that lay partially buried on that world. After being defeated on Lorn V by the victorious Imperial Guard, he fled in an Ork Rok to the world of Kronus and built up his WAAAGH! once more, only to - once again - be defeated, this time by the forces of the Blood Ravens Space Marine Chapter. Finding that retreat was the better part of valour once more, Gorgutz and the remains of his WAAAGH! arrived in the Kaurava System, settling his forces on the world of Kaurava II, where they once again were defeated by the regiments of the Imperial Guard defending the Kaurava System.

Gorgutz is the character who has appeared in more of the Dawn of War series of PC games than any other save for Gabriel Angelos, having battled all comers in Winter Assault, Dark Crusade and Soulstorm. He is almost certain to make yet another appearance at some point in the future.

As his name implies, Gorgutz has a penchant for taking the heads of his enemies, for as he pointed out to one particularly unobservant Ork Nob, it would make no sense to put someone's foot on his "pointy stikk".



Gorgutz 'Ead 'Unter in combat on Lorn V

Gorgutz' early history is unknown and his first entrance into the Imperial record was as a simple Ork clan Warboss on the frigid Ice World of Lorn V, where various Ork tribes had been warring with each other for untold generations. It was on Lorn V that his WAAAGH! first originated, as he united the tribes of rival Orks under his control by burning their big banners and became a Warlord in his own right, the master of several clans. Even at this early stage, Gorgutz had already managed to acquire the powerful cybernetic exoskeleton he would use on every campaign. One notable tribe Gorgutz captured and added to his WAAAGH! on Lorn V were the Foot Stompas, a clan of Orks that trained the massive beasts known as Squiggoths. Warlord Gortgutz defeated them by unleashing their own Squiggoths in a panicked stampede against them.

During the campaign for control of Lorn V against the Imperial Guard forces of Lord General Sturnn's 412th Cadian Shock Troops Regiment and the Eldar troops of Craftworld Ulthwe commanded by Farseer Taldeer, Gorgutz forged a shaky alliance with Lord Crull, a Chaos Champion of the World Eaters Traitor Legion whose warband had been contesting the Greenskins for control of the planet -- and the remains of the Emperor Titan buried beneath its ice -- for some time. A brief partnership between the Traitor Marines and the Orks was forged after Gorgutz's Greenskins succeeded in unexpectedly destroying an outpost of the Chaos Space Marines on the freezing world. Gorgutz and Crull pursued a bitter rivalry over the control of Lorn V even after their alliance. As one might expec, this shaky partnership did not last for long and Gorgutz attacked Lord Crull and the World Eaters once it suited him. Gorgutz's Greenskins were ultimately driven from the world by the Imperial and Eldar forces, but before he left the planet he made sure that the head of the Chaos Lord Crull was lodged on his "pointy stikk". Although Gorgutz had also sought out eager battle with Farseer Taldeer, there was no clear victor and both commanders survived the engagement. Not long after his exodus from Lorn V, which was accomplished by means unknown to the Imperium, Gorgutz acquired a Rok, an asteroid hollowed out and equipped with massive fusion engines to serve as an Ork space vessel, and he proceeded to raid several planets, including Tau colonies in the Eastern Fringe of the galaxy, until his Rok finally crash-landed on the world of Kronus.

On Kronus, Gorgutz swiftly secured the leadership of the local Feral Orks and led them during the Dark Crusade. Gorgutz's WAAAGH! fought against all the other intelligent races engaged in the epic battle for control of that Necron Tomb World. On Kronus Gorgutz unleashed another bloody Ork WAAAGH!, which, though it once again ended in his defeat by the Blood Ravens Astartes, still allowed the infamous Ork Warlord and many of his Greenskins to escape, with many more skullz added to the Warlord's pointy stikk.

Gorgutz returned again for one final slaughter at the world of Kaurava II, after his Rok was drawn to the Kaurava System by the emergence of a massive Warp Storm within its confines. There were many Feral Ork tribes on Kaurava II that the Warlord brought into his WAAAGH!, upgrading their technological capabilities so that they could fight as proper Orks and then unleashing them in an attempt to capture the system from all the other factions vying for control. The Kaurava System was ultimately reclaimed for the Imperium by the forces of the Imperial Guard, but Gorgutz still escaped from the Emperor's justice for the third time. Upon his defeat, Gorgutz fled once more in his Rok to rebuild his WAAAGH! so that he could continue his quest to find the perfect battle. Gorgutz 'Ead 'Unter is still at large, waiting for yet another chance to cause mayhem and destruction across the galaxy.


Like all Ork Warlords, Gorgutz led his WAAAGH!s with an iron fist, and was known to kill his own Boyz without a second thought to prove a point. Like all Orks, Gorgutz acted very arrogantly towards...well...anyone. Ironically, Gorgutz also disliked flattery. Even so, Gorgutz NEVER admits defeat. Gorgutz likes the color red, like most Orks, and even painted his own cybernetic exoskeleton red under the common Ork delusion that "Red 'uns go fastah!"

Gorgutz' defining trait was his fascination for collecting the heads of his enemies. It was on Lorn V, shortly after he became a full Ork Warlord in charge of his own WAAAGH!, that he started collecting the heads of his foes. When he left Lorn V, he possessed the head of the Chaos Lord Crull. Gorgutz maintained this fascination when he crash-landed on Kronus, starting to collect heads from the other races. Gorgutz was deeply upset when his Boyz proved unable to secure the head of a Tau Commander.

However, behind all his outrageous gloating and pompous claims, Gorgutz is actually a bit of a coward. Whenever his enemies -- be it the 1st Kronus Liberators of the Imperial Guard, the Alpha Legion's Chaos Space Marines, or a Tau Strike Force -- close in on him, he chooses to run away instead of fighting to the end. Yet this cowardice has allowed him to escape death many times, only to later return at the head of a new WAAAGH! to plague the Imperium again.


Gorgutz has several powerful weapons at his disposal. He has a Kustom Power Klaw and horns affixed to his exoskeleton for melee fighting, although the horns can hurt his own Ork infantry and a large Shoota on his left arm, which is able to kill an entire company of Imperial Guardsmen from afar. Gorgutz wears a cybernetic Ork combat exoskeleton which greatly increases his already potent strength and durability, which he has painted red in the common Ork belief that this will allow him to move faster.


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