A warrior of the White Scars Golden Keshig armed with a Kontos Power Lance and riding a Shamshir Jetbike

The Golden Keshig were elite heavy assault Jetbike squads deployed by the White Scars Legion during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy eras.

Unlike the White Scars' standard Keshig elite troops, the warriors of the Golden Keshig did not wear Terminator Armour, but instead custom-made suits of Artificer Armour to enhance their role as a mobile assault force.



Details of the Golden Keshig Shamshir Jetbike

These superlatively skilled riders served as linebreakers ans assault units par excellence for the White Scars Legion. They often served where other Legions preferred to deploy heavy armour or massed Terminator units.

Acting as the speartip of what the Legionaries of Chogoris called a Zao, a piercing attack at the heart of the enemy adapted from the horse-tribes of Jaghatai Khan's homeworld, the Golden Keshig encircled the enemy at apparently random speeds and directions before focusing momentum into a single strike through the centre of an enemy formation.

Strikes such as these typically served to disrupt the front line of an enemy's advance and sowed confusion throughout the ranks. The sheer terror caused by the Golden Keshig led to it being referred to on various worlds as the "storm-ghost" or the "sky-beast tamers," the latter particularly common on non-Compliant and less technologically advanced human worlds during the Great Crusade.

The manoeuvrability of the Golden Keshig afforded them the means to draw the foe into positions of weakness or force them towards open battlefields, in which no cover was available to save them from the furious onslaught of the White Scars Legion.

Unit Composition

  • 2-5 Golden Keshig Riders
  • 1 Golden Keshig Champion


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