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"Bite, bite, chew, chew, your gun won't work and I'm coming for you!"

—Irritating rhyme chanted by a group of Glitchlings

Bounding forwards and gibbering rude words and viral scrap code, the Glitchlings are ready to overwhelm a foe.

A Glitchling is a Daemon of Nurgle that is similar in size and appearance to standard Nurglings, except that they possess metallic masks and other seemingly technological, inorganic components.

They fight alongside any creatures that have been infected with the Warp-based contagion known as the Gellerpox.


Glitchlings are small Daemons, close cousins to the Lesser Daemons known as Nurglings. A fusion of daemonic machine-plague and electrostatic energy, the existence of these daemonic mites was first reported to the Imperium in 400.M32, shortly after the Daemon Primarch Perturabo made a pact with Nurgle that saw him pervert the eight rituals of daemonic possession and turn them against the Forge World of Toil.

That planet was conquered not by Perturabo's Iron Warriors, but also by the tech-priests' own machines, their trusted manufactoria and war engines becoming nightmarish cybernetic horrors that were as much daemonic flesh as metal.

Waddling amongst the machine-beasts were plump, diminutive creatures that cackled in viral scrap code and glowed with baleful electrical energy.

Even as the guns of the Forge World's defenders focused on larger targets, these "Glitchlings" ran wild. Their disruptive electrostatic aura caused cogitators, electro-lumens and Machine Spirits (artificial intelligences) to falter or go haywire. In their moment of greatest need, the defenders found their weapons stuttered and flickering as the machine plague took its toll.

Similar strange anomalies have been recorded across the galaxy since the fall of Toil. Wherever the Glitchlings bounce forth, long-cherished guns in fine working order suddenly fail, the most reliable servitors stumble to a grinding halt, and tanks in pristine condition suddenly rust as if aged hundreds of standard yars in the blink of an eye.

Such is the Glitchling's true purpose -- to bring entropy and disease to machines, infecting circuitry, contaminating mechanical parts and degrading metal rather than bringing plague to creatures of flesh and blood.

Although their greatest joy is in disrupting the technology of the mortal races, Glitchlings are malicious creatures, and they find it immensely entertaining to stab or bites foes that are distracted by their weapons malfunctioning.

Although small and relatively puny, the Glitchlings secrete a noxious substance that covers their claws, teeth and blades, so that any wounds they cause are full of one of Nuergle's infectious diseases.

Burbling nonsensical words and emitting spark-filled belches, the gregarious Glirtchlings bound across the battlefield in small packs. They take extraordinary glee in spreading mayhem and express puerile behaviour in the form of rude gestures, suggestive capers and tittering laughter over the pain and destruction they leave in their wake.

They mock and mimic the curses or looks of shock that come over defenders as their trusted weapons inexplicably falter at precisely the worst moment.

The exact connection between the Glitchlings and the Gellerpox virus is unknown, but each breakout thus far recorded has been accompanied by a host of the diminutive mischief-makers.

Unit Composition

  • 4 Glitchlings


  • Diseased claws and fangs
  • Electrostatic aura


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