A Drukhari Wrack armed with a Hexrifle that can unleash the Glass Plague.

The Glass Plague is the name given to a deadly and greatly-feared genetically-engineered bioweapon deployed since the late 36th Millennium by the Drukhari of Commorragh. Once a victim is infected by this virus, their flesh is rapidly transmuted by unknown processes into ebony, glass-like crystal. The virus is now often deployed by the servants of the Haemonculi Covens as part of the weapon known as the Hexrifle.

The Glass Plague is particularly feared among the Dark Eldar, for it results in "true death" even for the Drukhari who cannot be resurrected from this fate even through the use of the dark methods available to the Haemonculi Covens.


The celebrated Commorrite scientist, artisan and master sculptor Jalaxlar revealed his latest work in 926.M36 -- a set of astonishingly lifelike renderings of Drukhari in black, glass-like crystal. Jalaxlar earned great acclaim from his patrons, for he had perfectly captured expressions of terror and shock in each of his sculptures.

When a rival art house attacked Jalaxlar's galleries that same evening, his sanctum­laboratories were smashed apart, and his secret was revealed. The sculptor had isolated a viral helix that quickly turned living matter into crystalline glass. The virus, now free in the air, spreads with alarming speed. It vitrified thousands of Commorrites before the Haemonculi coven known as the Hex took control and released a counter-virus. The Glass Plague virus is later weaponised by the Haemonculi Covens.


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