The Gildar System

The Gildar System

The Gildar System is a star system in the Segmentum Obscurus of the Milky Way Galaxy. It is known to possess an astonishing wealth of natural resources. The system consists of eight worlds, most of them uninhabited.

The Silver Skulls Space Marine Chapter considers the system to be a part of their territory and no Imperial starship can travel through the area without their permission or escort. The world of Gildar Secundus was the site of a vicious battle between the Silver Skulls and the Red Corsairs Renegade Space Marines for control of the region known as the Gildar Rift.

The Silver Skulls proved victorious and drove the Red Corsairs from the system, but at a very high cost. The Captain of the Silver Skulls' 4th Battle Company, Daerys Arrun, was slain in close combat by the Red Corsairs' infamous Chaos Lord, Huron Blackheart.


The Gildar System contains 8 planets, listed in order of their distance from the system's primary:

  • Gildar Primus
  • Gildar Secundus
  • Gildar Tertius
  • Gildar Quartus
  • Gildar Quintus
  • Gildar Sextus
  • Gildar Septimus
  • Gildar Octavus

The primary settled world of the system is Gildar Secundus.


  • The Gildar Rift (Novel) by Sarah Cawkwell
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