The Ghreddask Illuminators are the native Astra Militarum Militarum Regimento of the Fortress World of Ghreddask in the Talledus System.

Regimental History

Despite being officially independent of the Imperial state church, the Ghreddask Illuminators are known to enforce the will of the Ecclesiarchy within the Talledus System.

For instance, the orbital dockyards at the world of Satrapol in the Talledus System were amongst the largest in the Imperium. Thousands upon thousands of vessels were packed together in cramped mooring claws, kept stationary for Terran months and sometimes even years as the Ecclesiarchy's agents methodically ensured that every vessel paid a tithe to the church. Those who failed to pay what was owed, or in any way roused the ire of the state church, were dealt with by the ruthlessly zealous Ghreddask Illuminators.

The most heavily defended world in the Veritus Sub-sector after the capital planet of Benediction itself, Ghreddask supported many regiments of the Ghreddask Illuminators deployed in large garrisons as well as other potent planetary defences.

Many infantry, armoured and artillery regiments of the Ghreddask Illuminators participated in the Talledus War to defend the worlds of the Talledus System from the Chaos assault launched by the Dark Cardinal Kor Phaeron during the Era Indomitus.


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