A Gaze of Flame is a form of defensive technology utilised by Necron royals who choose to implant hidden weaponry within their own bodies. Many Necrons find this practice unsavoury, at best. Few, however, would question such a being to his face, particularly when that face may conceal all manner of terrifying weaponry. When in battle, the eyes of a Necron Lord or Cryptek Plasmancer who has granted himself the Gaze of Flame burn with an unnatural, ghostly emerald fire, and a flickering witch-fire blaze from within their metal death mask. This gaze chills the heart of those who look upon it, stealing away their strength and crushing their courage. The unnatural powers of this device are capable of slowing assaulters at the last instant, and can even affect Tyranids, daemons and other entities who would otherwise be immune to such powers.


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