Garro: Legion of One is the third audio drama for the Horus Heresy Series that was not originally released as part of an anthology or other release. Garro: Legion of One was released in both compact disc and MP3 formats and was written by James Swallow and performed by Toby Longworth. It was later re-released in an enhanced audio edition, but can still be bought as a stand-alone audio drama. This story, and all other Garro audio dramas and short stories were later published in printed form in the Garro main series anthology novel.

Official Synopsis

Nathaniel Garro, Loyalist Death Guard Astartes, and hero of the Eisenstein, has found a new calling in his service to the Emperor. Surrounded by a cloak of secrecy, Garro travels the galaxy in pursuit of his new goal. His quest will lead him to heart of the most destructive warzones, and reveal a secret that will change the course of the Horus Heresy itself...

Knights-Errant Series

The following is the chronological order of the first Knights-Errant member Nathaniel Garro's story arc set within the Horus Heresy:

Nathaniel Garro and his Knights-Errant also make an appearance in the novel Vengeful Spirit. All of these stories, with the exception of Flight of the Eisenstein were later included within the main series anthology novel Garro.


  • Garro: Legion of One (Audio Drama) by James Swallow
  • Garro (Anthology) by James Swallow
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