"Never before have I seen such heroism than in the breach at Corinth. Heroes were made that day, and none more glorious than Ancient Galatan, bearer of the Battle Standard of Macragge, may his name be remembered for a thousand times a thousand years. Privileged was I, first to be amongst those who bore his sacred body back to Macragge, where his name honours the Wall of the Dead in the Temple of Correction. We shall not see his like again."
— Captain Idaeus, Ultramarines 4th Company
UM Cmd. Sqd

Ancient Galatan displaying the sacred Banner of Macragge

Galatan, known as "Ancient Galatan," was a famous Standard Bearer of the Ultramarines Chapter's sacred Banner of Macragge in times past, taking part in the Corinth Crusade (698-705.M41). During a fierce battle against the Orks of WAAAGH! Skargor, he briefly dropped the sacred standard when his arm was chopped off by the Ork Warboss Skargor. While distracted with trying to break the banner with his Power Klaw, Ancient Galatan impaled his Power Sword through the back of Skargor's head, killing him instantly and breaking the spirit of the Greenskins. Though he later died from the wounds incurred in the encounter, the Banner of Macragge remained upright for the remainder of the battle, rallying the Ultramarines to finally defeat the Orks.

A large statue of Galatan stands with other Ultramarine heroes from ancient times within the Ultramarines' fortress-monastery, the Fortress of Hera, on their homeworld of Macragge. This memorial commemorates the deeds of the valiant Standard Bearer. Aboard the Ultramarines 4th Company's Battle Barge Vae Victus, along the smooth walls of the ship's corridors, are tiny niches, lit by delicate, diffuse light. These niches hold stasis-sealed vessels which contain some of the Chapter's holy relics. One of these stasis-vessels holds the thigh bone of Ancient Galatan.

After the Battle of Macragge, young Marneus Calgar declared that the Banner of Macragge would not be carried forth again until the Ultramarines had rebuilt their strength and were once again a whole Chapter. It has taken them two centuries to bring the Chapter's 1st Company back to full strength after their sacrifice at Macragge. Only then did the Chapter Master believe that the Ultramarines were fit to carry the Banner of Macragge once more. Ancient Galatan was succeeded in his duties by Ancient Tortalus.


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