An Aeldari Fusion Pistol

A Fusion Pistol is a hand-held, heat-based Melta Weapon utilised exclusively by the Aeldari. Fusion Pistols cause the molecules of the target to hyper-vibrate, generating so much heat that their targets burst into flames before suddenly liquefying, and then evaporating into nothingness.

Though incredibly short-ranged, the sheer destructive potential of these weapons ensures that they see common usage amongst the masques of the enigmatic Aeldari known as Harlequins.

Fusion Pistol Variants

A Skyraider's Kiss pattern Fusion Pistol

  • Skyraider's Kiss - The Skyraider's Kiss is utilised by both Fire Dragons Aspect Warriors, as well as Storm Guardian units, and is a variant Fusion Pistol that was initially developed for deployment on Bethalmae. The "Skyraider's Kiss" design were "borrowed" from Craftworld Mymeara after their weapons' designs proved capable at functioning at well below-subzero conditions. The addition of extra cabling to the weapon to shunts extra coolant also allows this variant to be fired more frequently, and requiring less time to cool between shots. The trade-off for the extra cooling is that the additional coolant has to be stored with the weapon, increasing the overall weight of the weapon.


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