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A schematic of a T'au Fusion Blaster.

A Fusion Blaster is a short-ranged T'au equivalent of a Melta Weapon that agitates the sub-atomic particles of the target, causing a massive build-up of heat.

Living targets are often completely vaporised and non-living targets, even the most heavily armoured vehicles and fortifications, can be reduced to slag in the blink of an eye with its nuclear fusion-powered blast.

The Fusion Blaster is most commonly utilised as a weapon system on battlesuits. The Fusion Blaster is similar both technologically and tactically to an Imperial Meltagun, albeit it possesses a longer range and is most commonly employed by more mobile units.

Notable Users of the Fusion Blaster

A T'au Fusion Blaster designed to serve as a weapon system for the XV81 Crisis Battlesuit

  • XV8 Crisis Battlesuit - Fusion Blasters are most usually employed by XV8 Crisis Battlesuits, and are equipped as anti-armour weapons by Battlesuit tank hunter teams. Indeed, many XV8 pilots have become adept at stalking enemy armour on the battlefield with their Fusion Blasters, using the mobility provided by their Jetpacks to outflank enemy vehicles and engage from the rear or at other weak points in their armour.
  • XV25 Stealthsuit - XV25 Stealthsuits are able to wield a Fusion Blaster to aid them in combating enemy armour. Usually only one in three members of an XV25 squad is issued a Fusion Blaster.
  • XV22 Stealthsuit - XV22 Stealthsuits are able to wield a Fusion Blaster on each arm. Commander Shadowsun most notably wields dual Fusion Blasters as her primary armament, whilst both Shas’O Kais’ and Shas’Or’es’Ka’s XV22 Stealthsuits have been armed with a Fusion Blaster.
  • XV104 Riptide Battlesuit - An XV104 Riptide Battlesuit can wield twin-linked Fusion Blasters as a secondary weapon system. If the Dark Matter Nova Reactor is nova-charged, a Riptide pilot may direct the extra power from reactor to the secondary weapons to increase their rate of fire dramatically.
  • Piranha - Piranhas can be armed with a Fusion Blaster in place of their chin-mounted Burst Cannon, changing their role to that of a mobile tank hunter that uses its high speed to target the more vulnerable side and rear armour of enemy vehicles.
  • TX-42 Piranha - A TX-42 Piranha can be armed with twin-linked Fusion Blasters as its primary armaments.
  • Drone Sentry Turret - T'au Drone Sentry Turrets can be armed with twin-linked Fusion Blasters as their primary turret weapon.


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