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A Furioso Dreadnought of the Blood Angels Chapter armed with a Frag Cannon on its right arm mount.

Deathwatch Devastator Marine Rodicrus Grytt of the Imperial Fists armed with a man-portable Frag Cannon.

The Frag Cannon is a heavy Imperial anti-infantry ballistic weapon that produces explosive blasts of armour-piercing shrapnel. It is used in both a man-portable format by the Space Marines of the Deathwatch and as a primary weapon on the Furioso Dreadnought deployed by the Blood Angels Chapter and their Successors. The Frag Cannon is a short-ranged, indiscriminate weapon, somewhat capricious in nature since the shrapnel it produces can be stopped by light armoured vehicles, while simultaneously being able to rip through Power Armour.

Furioso Dreadnought

Used as a close assault weapon on Furioso Dreadnoughts, Frag Cannons are loaded with specially-manufactured hollow adamantium shells, which fracture at the moment of firing. The resultant hail of razor-sharp shrapnel is deadly to unarmoured and armoured targets alike.

Deathwatch Frag Cannon

A man-portable version of the Frag Cannon is used by the Deathwatch, and is usually carried into battle by Deathwatch Devastator Marines who serve as heavy weapon specialists. These weapons essentially serve as infantry-borne artillery pieces that are capable of laying down a hail of alien horde-shattering shells that release explosive blasts of adamantium shards at short range.


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