A Fortress of Redemption.

A Fortress of Redemption is a towering Imperial bulwark against the ravages of planetary invasion. Each is virtually impervious to conventional firepower and the lower levels, bunker annexes and sub-crypts can house entire platoons of battle-ready warriors.

First used by the Astartes of the Dark Angels Legion during the days of the Great Crusade, they have since been used by every military force in the Imperium of Man and proven invaluable to its defence.

A Fortress of Redemption is adorned with symbols depicting angels of death and the skulls of ancient heroes. This Gothic grandeur of the unyielding edifice is matched only by its uncompromising and efficient lethality.

Nestled within its armoured walls, a Fortress of Redemption houses a twin-linked Icarus Pattern Lascannon capable of destroying enemy voidships in low orbit, a missile silo outfitted with Fragstorm and Krakstorm Missiles and a profusion of four Heavy Bolters to repel ground-based invaders.



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