Forge-Wright Mark VII

A Forge-Wright of the Sons of Medusa Chapter

A Forge-Wright is a unique officer rank of the Sons of Medusa Space Marine Chapter, which is comparable to a Techmarine of Codex Astartes-compliant Chapters. Departing extensively from the dictates of the Codex, the Sons of Medusa maintain a non-standard "Clan" structure which overlays the more traditional patterns of Space Marine Chapter organisation.

The Chapter is ruled by the Iron Thanes of the three War Clans that act in concert to control the Chapter as its council, as the Chapter has no single master since the passing of their founder Iron Father Setol Sollex millennia ago. This council is further advised by the wisdom of the Ancients; the Chapter's honoured cadre of Venerable Dreadnoughts. The Chapter's extensive brotherhood of Techmarines, known as the "Chamber Ferrum," is greater both in number and authority within the Sons of Medusa than the Techmarine force found within a standard Codex Chapter.

The Chamber Ferrum exists outside the structure of the war clans, and its purpose is to enforce unity, cementing the Chapter together as a whole. It is they who maintain supplies of vital war materiel to the Chapter's disparate strike forces. The Chamber Ferrum further manages the disposition of the Chapter's fleet and holds within it the Chapter's Apothecarion and command of its forges and facilities. The senior Techmarines of the Chamber Ferrum are known as Forge-Wrights.

As befits a Successor Chapter of the Iron Hands, the level of technology and weaponry used by the Sons of Medusa is high, and their armouries are particularly extensive and diverse. The Chapter's Techmarines are well versed in the secret Omnissian rites of recommissioning and maletek-exorcism, facts which see every victory against a Renegade Chapter further increase the Sons of Medusa's power.


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