Flint is a low-technology Agri-World in the Angelus Sub-sector, in the Scarus Sector of Segmentum Obscurus, that is possessed of great rolling fertile plains where the primitive human tribes of the world drive vast herds of large mammalian creatures similar to elephants called "demi-pachyderms," taking them each year to the great Beast-moots.

Much of the stock is sold to off-worlders at these moots who come seeking a bargain. Apart from the meat industry, demi-pachyderm skins and fertilizers are both major exports of the planet as well as miscellaneous goods from the self-sufficient colony cities that were established on the warmer south continent of Flint by the Imperium.


  • Ravenor (Novel Series) by Dan Abnett
  • Eisenhorn (Novel Series) by Dan Abnett
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