A Foetid Bloat-drone of the Death Guard outfitted with a Fleshmower for close combat

A Fleshmower is a type of vicious, disease-ridden close combat weapon usually deployed on the Foetid Bloat-drone Daemon Engines that are favorite forms of aerial support for the Death Guard Traitor Legion.

The Warp entities that possess Foetid Bloat-drones are more aggressive and spiteful than most daemons of Nurgle. Some are so wilful that they cannot be entrusted with ranged weaponry at all, their desire to smash themselves into the enemy ranks all too evident. These rebellious engines are instead fitted with the macabre devices known as Fleshmowers. Heavy cylinders of rusted iron blades, Fleshmowers thrust out in front of the Bloat-drone on bulky arms and whir frenetically as it flies into battle. These weapons can be used in thrumming passes through the enemy ranks, or more deliberately pressed against resilient targets to rip them apart. Either way, the result is a hideous red spray and a mulched strew of body parts. The mashed remains of Fleshmower victims make excellent slop-fuel for those Bloat-drones armed instead with Plaguespitters, and so the two variants often form parasitic war packs.


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