Fleet-Based military forces are those that operate across the Milky Way Galaxy without a fixed base or homeworld, and which normally operate on a highly-mobile basis from a fleet of starships. Such armies include the forces of the Tyranids, almost the entire surviving, uncorrupted Aeldari species who now operate from their great Asuryani Craftworlds and many of the Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes.

Many Fleet-based Chapters of Space Marines not only maintain large Chapter Fleets but also massive flagships that serve as a mobile fortress-monastery and are known as Chapter Barques. Such massive vessels include the Eternal Crusader of the Black Templars or the Omnis Arcanum of the Blood Ravens. Some Chapters even have access to larger mobile fortresses that serve as their primary base of operations, like The Rock of the Dark Angels, the Phalanx of the Imperial Fists or the Raptorus Rex of the Fire Hawks.

Several Chapters who turned Renegade at some point but were judged to have been misled into treachery and granted forgiveness by the High Lords of Terra following a penitent crusade, like the Mantis Warriors and the Lamenters, are now Fleet-Based Crusade Chapters following the forfeiture of their Chapter homeworld as the price for their transgression.

Notable Fleet-Based Space Marine Chapters

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