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"To those who have denied us. To those who have denied me. I will wreak vengeance. I will wrench your souls and break your bones. I will cast hunger through your accursed existence. Down the eons, you will not forget. I will grant you this gift from love turned aside and make you like me, break you in my image as you have broken me. I shall cast the fear of myself into you and all of your kind. I am Llandu'gor. I am the hunger. I am the flayer, and from this moment, you shall be too."

— Attr. Llandu'gor, the Flayer

The Flayer, known by the ancient Necron name of Llandu'gor and as Llandu'gor the Flayer, was one of the mighty C'tan star gods who ruled over the ancient Necrontyr and helped with the biotransference process that transferred their consciousnesses into necrodermis bodies and made them into Necrons.

In the last days of the War in Heaven, the Necron forces turned on their C'tan masters. Most were shattered, rent into shards which were separated and individually imprisoned.

However, it is said that only the C'tan known as Llandu'gor was utterly destroyed. Rumoured to have met annihilation at the hands of the Maynarkh Dynasty, on the order of the Silent King, the Flayer's last act was to curse the Necron species in his final moments of existence.

This curse, one of the varieties of creeping madness which plague the waking Necrons, is referred to as the Flayer Virus, and is the cause of Necrons becoming the fell creatures known as the Flayed Ones. Those Necrons affected awaken with an unquenchable hunger for the warm flesh and blood of the living.

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