(First Founding Space Marine Legions)
(First Founding Space Marine Legions)
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|[[Alpha Legion]]
|[[Alpha Legion]]
|Traitor, possibly still Loyal
|Traitor, possibly still Loyal
|One twin dead, slain by Roboute Guilliman; other's fate unknown
|One twin dead, slain by Roboute Guilliman (possibly); other's fate unknown

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The First Founding of the Space Marine Legions, also originally called the Legiones Astartes, occurred in the late 30th Millennium after the end of the Age of Strife and the Unification Wars that founded the Imperium of Man on Terra. Eighteen known Space Marine Legions were created from the gene-seed of the 18 known Primarchs engineered by the Emperor of Mankind from his own genetic code in his laboratory in the Imperial Palace on Terra beneath the Himalayan Mountains. In spite of the fact that the Primarchs were separated from the Emperor of Mankind through the mysterious actions of the Ruinous Powers of Chaos and scattered through the Warp across the galaxy, he managed to keep a small sample of each Primarch's gene-seed, and use this genetic material to create the first Space Marines by further genetically enhancing his own elite, Terran-born soldiers. With each Primarch the Emperor re-discovered during the Great Crusade, he gave command of the Space Marine Legion created from their genetic material back to them. Each Primarch then set up their Legion's headquarters on his homeworld, from which they also recruited new Space Marines into the Legion. Two other Legions, the II Legion and the XI Legion and their Primarchs, were created by the Emperor, but nothing is known of what became of these Legions and their Primarchs and all data pertaining to them has been deleted from current Imperial records.

First Founding Space Marine Legions

Legion Number Primarch Legion Loyalty Primarch Status
I Lion El'Jonson Dark Angels Loyal (Ambiguous) Mortally Wounded by Luther, leader of the Fallen Angels
II Missing and deleted from Imperial records
III Fulgrim Emperor's Children Traitor Despite being possessed by a Greater Daemon of Slaanesh who impersonated him for a time, Fulgrim regained control of his body and eventually became a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh
IV Perturabo Iron Warriors Traitor Alive; Daemon Prince of Chaos Undivided
V Jaghatai Khan White Scars Loyal Missing
VI Leman Russ Space Wolves Loyal Missing
VII Rogal Dorn Imperial Fists Loyal Dead (Ambiguous)
VIII Konrad Curze (Night Haunter) Night Lords Traitor Dead
IX Sanguinius Blood Angels Loyal Dead
X Ferrus Manus Iron Hands (Storm Walkers) Loyal Dead
XI Missing and deleted from Imperial records
XII Angron World Eaters (War Hounds) Traitor Alive; Daemon Prince of Khorne; Banished to the Warp following the First War for Armageddon
XIII Roboute Guilliman Ultramarines Loyal Mortally Wounded; Now in stasis
XIV Mortarion Death Guard (Dusk Raiders) Traitor Alive; Daemon Prince of Nurgle
XV Magnus the Red Thousand Sons Traitor Alive; Daemon Prince of Tzeentch
XVI Horus Luna Wolves Traitor Dead
XVII Lorgar

Word Bearers (Imperial Heralds)

Traitor Alive; Daemon Prince of Chaos Undivided
XVIII Vulkan Salamanders Loyal Missing
XIX Corax Raven Guard Loyal Missing
XX Alpharius Omegon Alpha Legion Traitor, possibly still Loyal One twin dead, slain by Roboute Guilliman (possibly); other's fate unknown


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