Fire Scorpions are a breed of vicious xenos invertebrates similar in anatomy to Terran scorpions that are native to the world of Baal and its moons. Fire Scorpions regularly grow between four to eight metres long. They get their name from the virulent bio-chemical called "Flame Venom" that they produce at the end of their tails, which once injected via their wickedly sharp barbs turns their victims' own blood into an acidic slurry whilst it is still pumping through the unfortunate's body, burning them alive from the inside out.

Fire Scorpion queens have been recorded to grow larger than an Astartes Rhino transport vehicle (approximately 6.6 metres). But although that may be intimidating, a Fire Scorpion queen's main weapon is her pheromones, which secrete whenever her territory is invaded by a hostile threat, causing all of the local Fire Scorpions within range of her secretions to confront the trespassers in a berserk rage.


  • Deus Encarmine (Novel) by James Swallow
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