Saim-Hann Fire Prism grav-tanks deploying their Guardians while firing their Prism Cannons.

The Fire Prism is a Craftworld Aeldari gravity tank based on the design of the Falcon. Its primary role is that of a dedicated tank-hunter.

Despite its aesthetic qualities, the Fire Prism sacrifices none of the killing power associated with heavy armour. It replaces the Falcon's troop-carrying capacity and turret weapons with a massive crystal array, known to Imperial forces as a Prism Cannon.

This weapon has twice the range of the Pulse Laser or Scatter Laser, allowing it to hit targets just visible on the horizon, and is powerful enough to punch through the thickest armour or even combine with other Prism Cannons for increased destructive potential.

The Fire Prism's distinctive weapon is the bane of the heavy battle tanks of many other "lesser races" in the Milky Way Galaxy.


A Fire Prism grav-tank of Craftworld Saim-Hann.

The Fire Prism's extremely unusual armament uses a two-stage firing process. A medium-magnitude laser is discharged into a massive crystal prism that greatly amplifies the potency of the shot in a fraction of a second.

This energy can be discharged in a focussed beam capable of blasting through a tank and out the other side or dispersed to slay entire squads of enemy infantry.

Most unusual of all, sophisticated tracking arrays allow this technological wonder to narrow the field of its Prism Cannon into a thin lance of light, forming one all-powerful laser beam that can fell even a Necron Monolith with a single shot.

The Imperium has yet to unravel the heretical technology of the Prism Cannon, having been able to seize very few undamaged specimens from the battlefield.


Rune in the Aeldari Lexicon representing the Fire Prism

The Fire Prism's rune shows the arrow that strikes from afar, its tip bearing the horns of the Aeldari god Kurnous.

Straight and true flies the arrow of the Hunter God, much like the beam of the Prism Cannon, whose deadly illumination brings only death.



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