"Our path is dangerous, but necessary"

Fire Dragon

Fire Dragon Aspect Warrior

The Fire Dragons are Eldar Aspect Warriors who are modeled upon the dragon of Eldar myth, the sinuous fire-breathing reptile that represents wanton destruction. Fire Dragons are aggressive and warlike and seek nothing less than the total annihilation of their chosen foes. They have an unsurpassed mastery of heat weapons, and take savage delight in the devastation they create. It is said their Exarchs generate a corona of lambent flame around themselves when the battle lust is upon them.

Combat Role

The role of the Fire Dragon is to attack enemy strongholds and war machines. With their deadly fusion-based weapons they excel at destroying the well-armoured troops and vehicles of their enemies. Their powerful fusion guns can reduce an enemy to a cloud of superheated vapor in a second. Though short-ranged, these weapons are capable of turning even the heaviest battle tanks into piles of molten slag. The Exarch of the Fire Dragons can be armed with a powerful Dragon's Breath Flamer, the Flamer can deal massive amounts of damage to tightly packed groups of light infantry.

Phoenix Lord

The Phoenix Lord of the Fire Dragons is Fuegan, The Burning Lance.


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