Finreht Three-Seven is a marginally habitable Feral World of the Agripinaa Sector which is best known as an Astra Militarum-recruitment world for the regiments of Finreht Highlanders that have proven themselves during the 13th Black Crusade of Abaddon the Despoiler.

The world of Finreht Three-Seven is very mountainous and its local population is comprised mainly of clans of semi-nomadic Grox-farmers who follow the seasonal migrations of their vast herds. The Imperium of Man maintains some settlements in the few valleys of Finreht Three-Seven where every five local planetary cycles the clans have to give up a portion of their herds as tribute.

These Grox are then slaughtered on Finreht before being exported all over the Agripinaa Sector. Should a clan be unable or unwilling to sacrifice its herd in this fashion, the tribute may be changed to the offering of fresh recruits to the Finreht Highlanders instead.


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