The Filth-favoured are a warband or vectorium of the Death Guard Traitor Legion's 4th Plague Company. They are commanded by a Death Guard Sorcerer and are one of the few Death Guard warbands which likes to enter battle amidst living carpets of Nurglings, the Lesser Daemons of the Plague God Nurgle. Little else is known about the Filth-favoured in current Imperial records.

Warband Appearance

Warband Colours

The Filth-favoured's Power Armour is the same as that of the Death Guard, composed of decayed and cracked plates of ceramite discoloured in sickly greens and browns. Filth-favoured Chaos Space Marines, like those of the Death Guard, often wear grotesquely warped suits of the antique Mark III Iron Pattern of Power Armour.

Warband Badge

The Filth-favoured warband badge is usually a modified version of the standard Mark of Nurgle, similar to that used by the rest of the Death Guard.


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