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Ezrachi is an Apothecary who served in the 5th Company of the Excoriators Space Marine Chapter.


Ezrachi is a Veteran Battle-Brother and an Apothecary of the Excoriators Chapter. His right leg was a full bionic replacement and almost as old as Ezrachi himself. While robust and powerful, his bionic leg sighed with hydraulic insistence and lagged a millisecond behind its flesh-and-bone equivalent, giving him the impression of walking with a slight limp. He was responsible for the experimental procedure that shocked Zachariah Kersh out of the fugue state known as Dorn's Darkness.

Certus-Minor Campaign

Ezrachi was later assigned to the 5th Company as the new Apothecary of that decimated company which was tasked with defending the Cemetery World of Certus-Minor. With the approach of the ominous Keeler Comet heralding the inevitable assault of that Imperial world by the Khornate warhost known as the Cholercaust, Kersh took desperate measures to ensure that their deaths were not for naught, for the woefully outnumbered Excoriators faced an enemy infamous for its intolerance of survivors.

The Corpus-Captain had the Apothecary begin gene-seed extraction rites and harvest mature Progenoid Glands from all the Excoriators in the 5th Company with at least ten standard years' service to the Chapter. As a Chapter of attrition fighters, the Excoriators always expected the best outcomes but prepared for the worst.

If they were faced with failure in the face of the Cholercaust Blood Crusade then they should meet their doom knowing that their legacy lived on through the genetic heritage that they bequeathed to the future Astartes of the Chapter. They would do this in the best interests of the Chapter and not themselves. Kersh explained that it was not who he who asked this of Ezarchi, but their Primarch Rogal Dorn -- so that the Imperium's future, as well as its present, might be secure.

Kersh then ordered Ezarchi to transport the collected gene-seed to the Strike Cruiser Angelica Mortis and oversee its safe storage and containment. The sacred cargo would then travel on to the nearby Forge World of Aetna Phall, reachable through a series of short Warp jumps. Though it would take months for the vessel to arrive, the Adeptus Mechanicus would appreciate the importance of the valuable cargo and have the resources necessary to make sure that it reached their Chapter homeworld, Eschara. Ezrachi survived the disastrous defence of Certus-Minor because Corpus-Captain Kersh sent him with the Angelica Mortis to Aetna Phall, effectively stranding his company on the doomed planet to face their fate.


  • Legion of the Damned (Novel) by Rob Sanders
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