A Predator Annihilator main battle tank fitted with Extra Armour Plating on its sides and turret.

Extra Armour Plating, also known as Reinforced Armour or more commonly as Extra Armour, is a common vehicle upgrade used on many Imperial Vehicles, including those deployed by the Chaos Space Marines and the Lost and the Damned.

Extra Armour is common on the various vehicles of the Adeptus Astartes, the Adeptus Mechanicus, the forces of the Inquisition and their Chamber Militants. The plates of additional armour are fitted over the vehicle's existing manufactorum-standard armour, adding a small amount of additional protection.

The main result is that the vehicle and its occupants are better protected from kinetic and directed energy attacks, and run less risk of damage from glancing, weaker or just plain lucky assaults. The extra armour plating added to a vehicle is done by its crew, at their behest.


In the pictures featured on this page, the extra armour plating is discernible from the vehicle's standard armour as a lighter shade of grey. The doors and front armour of the example vehicles are also a light grey, but this is not extra armour. These specific areas have been fitted with special Chapter/warband ornamentation, and thus should not be confused with additional armour.



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