The Exsanguinators is a Loyalist Space Marine Successor Chapter of the Blood Angels, created during an unknown Founding.

Created as they were from the Blood Angels' gene-seed, the Exsanguinators carry the genetic flaws inherited from Sanguinius.

Similar to many of their contemporary Blood Angels Successor Chapters founded in later centuries, the Exsanguinators were greatly affected by the Black Rage and like the Flesh Eaters, they too, are a shrinking Chapter as the Flaw begins to whittle down their numbers.

The Exsanguinators was among the Blood Angels Successor Chapters who answered the call of Commander Dante to help defend Baal during the assault of the Tyranid Hive Fleet Leviathan in 999.M41 on the Blood Angels' homeworld.

Chapter History

Notable Campaigns

Chapter Appearance

Chapter Colours

The Exsanguinators' Chapter colours are not listed in current Imperial records.

Chapter Badge

The Exsanguinators' Chapter badge is not listed in current Imperial records.


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