Executor Class Grand Cruiser

Chaos Executor-class Grand Cruiser

The Executor-class Grand Cruiser is a variant of the Vengeance-class Grand Cruiser no longer used by the Imperial Navy. As this particular class dwindled due to attrition, the remaining squadrons of Executor-class vessels disappeared into the Eye of Terror while defending the Cadian Gate from a raiding Chaos Fleet. Five centuries later these vessels emerged as a part of a Chaos flotilla.


The Chaos Executor-class Grand Cruiser is a Vengeance-class variant that is no longer in Imperial service. Few were ever constructed, mostly in the shipyards of Hydraphur and its surrounding Forge Worlds. The Executor was a Lance boat, and as such was much liked by fleet commanders because it served as a counter foil for other more heavily gunned Cruisers. Over the years, the number of Executors dwindled as each was lost in battle. One of the last remaining squadrons of Executor-class Grand Cruisers, under the command ship Blood Royale, was stationed as part of the massive fleets defending the Cadian Gate. During a fleet action against Chaos vessels raiding from the Eye of Terror, the Blood Royale and her sister ships were part of the pursuit force. The squadron had held the line and forced the raiders to disengage while the Blood Royale and a dozen other vessels gave chase. None were ever seen again, their fate remained a mystery. Most believed they had been drawn into a trap and destroyed. Five centuries later three of the missing vessels, including the Blood Royale, were identified as part of the Renegade warfleet of Warmaster Arca Vilespawn. They are thought to be the only Executors left in existence.

Notable Executor-class Grand Cruisers

  • Blood Royale - A former Imperial vessel that disappeared under mysterious circumstances, only to reemerge from the Warp centuries later as a part of a Chaos Fleet.


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