A Vigilator Mistress of the Argent Lynx Vigilator Cadre wearing her Order's trademark Vratine Armour, Voidsheen Cloak and armed with an Execution Blade.

An Executioner Blade, also known as an Executioner Greatblade, was the primary melee weapon wielded by the Sisters of Silence. In addition to their role as witch-seekers and stern guardians of the tithe of the psyker-born, the Sisters of Silence also served as remorseless executioners when the need arises, with the time-honoured method of beheading before immolation their preferred agency of final sanction.

To this end they often carry unique, finely-wrought two-handed greatswords, forged to the same exacting standards of the ancient Charnabal Sabres favoured for duelling among the Terran Courts, which are edged in diamond-hard silica glass, making for a wickedly-sharp cutting edge. A skilled strike from one of these weapons can part the seals of the finest armour in battle just as easily as it parts the head from the shoulders of the condemned.

Each blade was perfectly weighted for the martial style of its wielder and once the Sisters were schooled in their use, they could strike with the speed of a duellist combined with the killing might of a veteran executioner.

Notable Execution Blades

  • Veracity, the Sword of Oblivion - Fashioned in the manner of a highly ornate two-handed Execution Blade of the Silent Sisterhood, the Veracity is in fact the pattern from which all others of its kind were said to have been made, and stands as the symbol of the Knight-Commander of the Silent Sisters. This mighty weapon was once wielded by the Emperor Himself, before He made a gift of it to the Knight-Commander Jenetia Krole. The sword's true mystery lies in the substance of the blade itself, for it can cut almost anything without evidence of any kind of power field or disruption generator, its origins an enigma to all save perhaps the Emperor.


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