Watch Fortress Erioch

Watch Fortress Erioch of the Deathwatch, which orbits the sixth world of the Erioch System.

The Erioch System of the Jericho Reach is, and always has been, a place of mystery and dread. The Erioch star is a crumpled, angry white dwarf whose death is being measured in slow eons.

Around this ancient star are seven planets, the orbit of each perfectly circular, and the spacing distance between them mathematically exact as if drawn by a cosmic artisan. Each planet is a bare rock of identical diameter, a little larger than the size of Holy Terra itself.

All are completely devoid of life and any sign of life having ever existed on their surface, with no atmosphere, no water, and no winds to disturb the plains of grey dust that cover their surfaces.

Stranger yet, no impact craters of meteorites or other stellar debris mark these planets, and the footprints of the few Imperial survey teams to have ventured to their surface remain impressed in the dust as the only signs that anything alive ever touched their grim faces.

Circling the sixth planet is the great Deathwatch void station of Watch Fortress Erioch. No known records explain why the watch fortress was placed in the Erioch System. To this day, no voidship can reach the Erioch System unless its Navigator has been granted the most secret information of how to locate it in the Warp. Even then, visitors must enter realspace at the system's edge, or not at all.

The system itself seems to resist being found by chance, as if something about its nature wishes it to remain unobserved.


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