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Badge of the Emperor's Children Traitor Legion

Emmesh-Aiye was a powerful Noise Marine and warlord of the Emperor's Children Traitor Legion. Not having been able to recall his origin, it is unclear if Emmesh-Aiye was originally an Astartes of the Emperor's Children. Emmesh-Aiye continually subjected himself to nerve toxins and high-pitched noises in order to get some kind of stimulation for his heightened senses. He kept a retinue of mutilated and terrified slaves, which he had broken into translators and playthings. Like many within the Emperor's Children, Emmesh-Aiye had gone on to modify and mutilate his appearance, including impaling his long tongue to his breastplate.


Emmesh-Aiye was among those invited by Chengrel of the Iron Warriors to win Eldar Spirit Stones by recounting to the elderly warlord a tale of destruction and then making a substantial bid. Emmesh-Aiye recalled his battle against Death Guard forces under the command of Typhus for control of the spoils on an Imperial Shrine World. Emmesh-Aiye battled Typhus personally, and survived the encounter thanks to his Slaanesh-enhanced agility and combat reactions. After hearing their tales, Chengrel grew irate and unimpressed with his guests, especially after discovering none of them were originally members of the Traitor Legions during the Horus Heresy but had been conscripted or recruited into their Legions in the centuries since the end of the great galactic civil war. Yet Chengrel held a particular contempt directed towards Emmesh-Aiye for fighting against his fellow Chaos Space Marines rather than the Imperium, especially against a luminary of the Chaos Gods such as Typhus.

When challenged on his own accomplishments, Chengrel flew into a rage and attacked his guests. Emmesh-Aiye joined the ensuing free-for-all for control of the Spirit Stones. After beating Hodir of the Night Lords in melee for possession of the stones, Emmesh-Aiye was confronted by Khrove of the Thousand Sons. The Sorcerer used his psychic abilities to turn the ground Emmesh-Aiye and his slaves stood on into a pit of quicksand-like sludge and seized the stones. Trapped, Emmesh-Aiye and his slaves sank into the hole and died, making Emmesh-Aiye the only leader in the conflict to be confirmed dead. His minions then quickly left the site of the battle, by escaping physically or fading back into the Warp.


  • The Masters, Bidding (Short Story) by Matthew Farrer
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