Emasculator Class Cruiser2

Chaos Emasculator-class Cruiser

The Emasculator-class Cruiser is a variant Cruiser design commonly utilised by Chaos Fleets. Though it is considered inferior to the Imperial Navy's Lunar-class, the Emasculator-class Cruiser possesses longer-range weaponry that allows it to operate at medium range from the start of an engagement as well as a short-range prow weapon that adds to its offensive capabilities.


Many Imperial naval officers see the Chaos Emasculator-class Cruiser as something of a failed experiment in combining weapons batteries with Lances on a single starship and point to their own Lunar-class Cruiser as a superior warship to the Emasculator, with its stengthened frontal armour and torpedoes, but in a brawl the Emasculator starts to show its strength. The longer range of its weaponry over the Lunar-class allows it to operate at medium range from the start of an engagement and by the time a Lunar manages to close with the Emasculator, its shorter-ranged prow weapons will add to its offensive punch, making it a true paragon of raw firepower among the vessels available to a Chaos Fleet. For reasons yet to be determined, the Emasculator was first seen in great numbers within Slaaneshi warfleets, though its use has slowly started to spread to warfleets dedicated to the service of the other Dark Gods as well.


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