The Elysia System is an Imperial star system that is home to the idyllic and well-named world of Elysia and its famed Elysian Drop Troops Regiments of the Imperial Guard. This system is located approximately 30 light years from the Hive World of Armageddon in the north west of the Segmentum Solar.

The planetary system and the surrounding region of space are relatively new in galactic terms, and within them lie vast regions of swirling debris and asteroid fields still left over from their formation. The Elysia System and its surrounding wilderness space is notorious for its pirates; the many barren moons, gas clouds and asteroid fields provide a perfect ambush site to assault Imperial commerce.

Through combating this ever-present threat, the Elysian Drop Troops have become well versed in ship-to-ship boarding actions and fighting in concert with orbital support when attacking isolated pirate bases. Famed for their lightning-fast mobility using Valkyrie Assault Carriers, Elysian squads deploy behind enemy lines via rappelling lines and grav-chutes. In 934.M41 Elysian troops finally drove off Ork Kaptin Blacklaw and his Freebooterz from Elysia's Stranthium Orbital Space Docks, ending a decade-long blockade by the Greenskin pirates.


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