Eldritch Lance

Necron Cryptek Illuminor Szeras and his Eldritch Lance

An Eldritch Lance is a Necron weapon used only by Cryptek Plasmancers. Indeed, it can be considered their signature weapon and symbol of office. Taking on the appearance of a simple stave with an ornate head, its long shaft is laced with arcane circuitry and its flared tip studded with focussing crystals. An Eldritch Lance is capable of emitting a beam of furious annihilating energy at significant ranges. The passage of this beam makes the air seem to scream with agony, and its power makes a Staff of Light, already a potent weapon, seem like little more than a child's toy. An Eldritch Lance’s beam is most effective when used to incinerate armoured vehicles and heavily armoured infantry, for only the heaviest forms of vehicle armour are able to stop its passage without being vaporised. For those rare cases when a Cryptek’s enemies survive long enough to engage him in close combat, an Eldritch Lance can be wielded in a manner akin to a spear, albeit with effects on flesh and armour similar to those caused by Power Weapons.


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