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Eldar Outcasts are members of the Eldar race is who have left their homeworld to wander the galaxy.

Sometimes the rigid constraints of the Eldar path are intolerable even for an Eldar to bear; such individuals leave their Craftworlds and become known as Outcasts. Many Eldar spend years or decades as Outcasts before they return to the Eldar path. Outcasts must bear the terrible burden of their heightened Eldar consciousness without the protection of the Eldar path. Only Eldar of especially strong character can survive for long as Outcasts. After years of adventure and wandering, or sailing the seas of space aboard the pirate fleets, most Eldar eventually return to the sanctuary of the Eldar path.

There are many kinds and degrees of Outcast. They leave their Craftworlds and live elsewhere, often wandering the galaxy and visiting the worlds of men or the Exodites. They are not welcome aboard Craftworlds except briefly, for their minds are dangerously unbounded and attract predators from the psychic realms of the warp. Daemons or other warp entities can home in to the mind of an Outcast and lodge in the psycho-supportive environment of the Craftworld's wraithbone core. Outcasts are also disruptive in another sense, for their presence can distract the young and inexperienced from the Eldar path by their romantic tales of travel and freedom.

These Eldar are the realists and are often very tough, sinister, individuals; a complete opposite to the Craftworld Eldar.

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